Labour Party members is now a simple extractive sector of the population that want to be paid handsomely to administer their political programmes within the public sector


Labour took their voters for granted, the expect the class war rules of the past to exist forever. In the last 20 years Labour have slowly been changing to an immigrant party, shrinking their own appeal but in the hope that shouting “class traitor” would hold the same sway over people as “race traitor” did in the past. Unfortunately people aspire to join a “better” class, they are what they are but they try to better themselves. They don’t like being talked down to and demeaned, taken for granted and told how to act and vote.00-unknown-artist-were-coming-to-the-victory-of-communist-labour-1970s

This narrowing of Labour has been coupled with a twisting of morality, the left is inhabited by people who are now offended at everything and pass judgement on everyone. It is a small circle of people, usually middle class metropolitan elites who stand in their echo chamber and dictate a path that would collapse society around itself. Thankfully the British public don’t like them much, they can see the danger and the more exposed to these peoples delusions they become, the more they reject it and the party they affiliate themselves with.

That doesn’t stop them throwing the toys out of the pram, they have built livlihoods, networks and institutions around their own ideals. The media for the most part is under their sway, as is education. They are given a platform and a legitimacy that should be questioned far more than it is. It won’t help them though, it just exposes them to the public who will continue to take a dim view on their attitudes. Like the war memorial the left will increasingly be forced to violence and intimidation as their moral outrage continues to have no effect. At that point the left will finally implode, they will be driven out like the snakes they are. It’s utterly predictable too, often repeated through the ages.marx 444

Labour Party members is now a simple extractive sector of the population that want to be paid handsomely to administer their political programmes within the public sector. They have no understanding of money – apart from their own demands, of course – and simply believe that the “rich”, “privileged”, whatever, just have to be expropriated – sorry – taxed, to fund it all. They are like a modern clerisy that requires a private language and high priests to lead us to a proper understanding. They do not like heretics and those not of the faith are enemies to be excluded. The Labour Party now reflects its activists which we are not surprised to discover are all state employees.

What we have here is an institutional block of self interest. When people want the state to do something, it creates the state we see before us: a monolithic body that shuts down dissent and lack a proper sense of its limitations. Labour activist see no wrong in the state because their programmes requires drilling down into all layers of society to create the brave new world. Of course, they have all the theories that if only… You can fill in the gaps. They have a theory – a poor one – to explain everything. Humility was never a strong suit of the left. The sceptical approach of a reasonable person is anathema to them. You can see quite easily why it often tips into fascism.



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