The BBC is a malign corrosive treasonous organisation.

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The BBC ran what was virtually a 5 year election campaign on behalf of the Labour party. It failed totally. Showing how out of touch they are with ordinary people and how immune they are to real life and the ups and downs of the economy.

It would’ve worked 20 years ago. But these days, with the internet, people are utterly fed up with being told what to think by the bien pensants of the Hampstead elite. The more they try to tell us that handing over more money to the state is compassion, the more they tell us we all have to sacrifbnp_bbc_lies_1ice ourselves for the greater good, the more people feel like going in exactly the opposite direction.

The BBC has lost all credibility as an independent news source. Presenting its biased views with impunity; it admitted it impossible to tell the truth on matters of race and immigration. That the British public has to fund a left wing agenda ridden cooperation masquerading as an impartial news organization speaks to how successful the BBC has been in disseminating their point of view with, up until now, no serious protest.

The sad thing is that it was not always like this. When I was young the BBC was a serious quality product and a national pride. To see it deteriorate into nothing more than a mouthpiece for the extreme left is very sad. But that is what it has become so the BBC should declare its allegiance, stop pretending to be impartial and no longer be funded by the taxpayer.

It’s a shame that like education, law and order, housing and the economy, the Left has also now destroyed the BBC, because believe me, as someone who lives in a country with only private television your standard of viewing is about to go radically downhill if you dump the BBC, but as I say, the Left took it over and used it as a Pravda so it’s their fault.



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