There is no reason for the Labour party to exist

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The fact is the Labour party is bankrupt of ideas. Fleece the rich, middle classes and non-doms and give the money to wasters. People don’t want state control, they want to be self reliant and responsible for their actions and this should be encouraged. Labour’s current and only mantra is tax and spend. When the Labour party finally realise that there is no wealth without wealth creators and that you can’t keep leeching from them then perhaps it’ll have a chance.

Labour exist because of division.rp_british-workers-betrayed-by-labour-300x174.jpg

They create victims and then bleed them for support so they appear ‘caring’.

They create classes of people and then ‘speak’ for the victims of class.

They play one community off against the other. Standing for equality while supporting sexism. They are anti-English, anti-democratic and support the class warriors while condemning the middle classes.

They they say they support the ‘middle classes’ and support the ‘working classes’ while sneering at their patriotism and their little white Englander flags.

Labour are a mass of contradictions and hypocrisy. They will say anything if it gets them elected.

And once elected will betray everything for personal advancement.

There is no reason for the Labour party to exist. All the problems it was set up to deal with are, as far as is possible in this vale of tears, been dealt with. It doesn’t even stand for the views and needs of the voters it nominally represents. 

It is now the party of vested interests; public sector employees such as academics, teachers and NHS staff.

Labour became culturally Marxised by degrees from the mid-1980s, when the Miners Strike failed. After the Berlin Wall fell the cultural impetus swelled, and by the time Blair was elected in 1997 it was regnant.

The new dispensation was radically egalitarian identity politics of a ridiculous kind that no sensible person could support + political correctness + anti-racism + immigrationism + political internationalism, all of it disguised by a claim to be “centrist”.

New Labour was never centrist. Cultural Marxism (which now infects the Conservatives and the entire Establishment) is not centrist. It is anti-male, anti-sexual normality, anti-white politics. It has never and will never enjoy popular support, which is why political correctness and anti-racism have to be part of the package – enforcement and sly social engineering is required to coerce the people to where the left wants them.



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