Left wingers of all flavours are nothing but a bunch of cry baby totalitarians

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A reminder of why the country didn’t vote Labour. These imbeciles are lurking just beneath the surface, in some cases managing to get into public sector and council positions where they can spread their poisonous left-wing ideology and political correctness.

The majority look like students from middle class backgrounds trying to be part of some kind of movement that will make them look hip, because being from a working class background is deemed to be cool. They just look pathetic. And as for those covering their faces, if you believed so passionately about your cause, you would protest it openly and not hiding behind a balaclava.

This is the reason why we should never vote for a Labour party, ever. They do not believe in democracy or work come to that.

Most of the people like those protesting don’t even know the meaning of the word ‘poverty’. They are absolutely disgusting. Every programme you see on TV about people on the dole makes me sick. They have enormous televisions; all the kids seem to have x-boxes, mobile phones and tablets. They all chain smoke (and what does a 20 pack of cigarettes cost these days?), they eat frozen food when they could cook good meals at half the cost if they could be bothered. There is even one couple going to Las Vegas to renew their vows or some such nonsense at a cost of £10,000 and they have the cheek to say they can do what they like with their money. Well folks sorry to burst your bubble but it is our money not yours!

Left wingers of all flavours are nothing but a bunch of cry baby totalitarians. People who value freedom must stand up to their madness.



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