Governments are elected to serve the people yet the people have become serfs to Westminster for too long.

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In the final days of pre-election waffle from the Tory and Labour camps, the desperation of both sides are showing with a distinct whiff of rubbish lingering in the air. Clutching at straws with false promises of anything and everything, but always ‘jam tomorrow’ which is never coming. The Lib Dems have pretty much given up, they know they are now a lost cause. westminster bub

Governments are elected to serve the people yet the people have become serfs to Westminster for too long. Time for change and a dose of reality. The EU will consign this country to the cesspit of Europe and grind it to dust.
Has there ever been a more reviled set of choices on the table for the British people? A permutation of the likes of Cameron, Clegg, Milliband, Sturgeon thrown together into a useless phony alliance like the present set up.
We need better leaders and a more democratic voting system where the views of the majority are truly reflected and voters can vote with their true convictions and not on some kind of tactical basis.

13 years of power in a row should be enough time to transform society for the better.

Instead Labour increased the deficit even before the financial crash. They also brought division to the community by allowing in so many people who have different cultures and languages.

These millionaire hypocrites are more interested in seeing Harriet ride in a pink van. They’re more interested in using tax money on inefficient windmills. Greedy socialists know that the money will always be flowing in from the taxpayer.

At the NHS: ‘Nearly 50 hospital bosses pocketed more than £400,000 last year.’ ‘More than 100 BBC executives are earning six-figure salaries, despite pledges to curb top pay…’ Miliband never talks about these salaries because he favours the public sector and unions. Council leaders, union bosses, and charity organisers can selfishly make more money than the Prime Minister.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media


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