This isn’t about business. It’s about Sovereignty and Democracy.

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The issue is simply do we want to be Governed by a corrupt (the Auditors have refused to sign off the EU accounts for 18 years because of corruption) Undemocratic Brussels or do we want to Govern ourselves.

Britain is a trading nation and will remain so. Our influence in Europe will be dictated by the fact that we buy more from them than they buy from us. If they decide to cut off their noses to spite their faces by refusing to let us buy from them, we will buy our cars, electrical goods, wine and frog’s legs elsewhere.

What should be a concern to people is how and why ‘business’ seems to think the EU and the single market are the same thing. I’ve even heard business leaders describe the EU as a market, when it is a political union. This is why so many voters are fearful of Brexit, they have been conned by a deliberate campaign to confuse and mislead.

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Of course big business want us in the EU. The EU, with its endless Directives and Regulations, works in the interests of Big Business. In particular, the creation of an unlimited supply of cheap labour has allowed Business to capitalise huge profits and socialise the equally huge costs – with the British taxpayer picking up the tab

Smaller businesses are far more in favour of leaving. They are the ones hammered by the EU’s continual flood of red tape and increased costs.

However, this isn’t about business. It’s about Sovereignty and Democracy.

The British people have never voted to join the EU. They never voted to have their governance outsourced to a foreign Treaty Organisation which means that mainly foreign Kommissars and Eurocrats have the right to make and impose laws on the UK.

We have no way of influencing, let alone over-turning those laws. The people who make them are immune from democratic control.

The argument is Who governs Britain?

Is it to be our own, democratically elected Parliament?

Or is it to be a Soviet-Style Commission of appointed Representatives and their bureaucrats: most of whom are not British and have no regard for this country; it’s people; it’s history; it’s Common Law or anything else.

So no. I don’t care what “Business” wants.

I want my country back.



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