Anything for power for this Marxist clown.

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Political correctness is fascism with good manners.

“Ed Miliband has pledged to make Islamophobia a criminal offence in the UK if he becomes Prime Minister.”
But it will be OK to parade with placards demanding death to the infidel. Beheading non-muslims will carry a benefits bonus, of course.The islamic fifth column

Islamic hate preachers have been given free rein in this country to rant and recruit for years, and now when Islamic fanatics are running amok, the Labour Party want to make it a criminal offence to criticise Islam?

If such a law is passed it will cause even greater simmering resentment. But at least he is clearly identifying his anti-white, anti-Christian intentions.

This is insane, in Britain it will be a crime to criticise a specific religion, and a paranoid, psychotic, violent, misogynist religion at that. This is truly terrifying.

So he’ll support terrorism by helping create another Islamic state but make it illegal to disagree with them doing this.

We all know he’s after the Muslim vote, but this is pathetic. This English hating, streak of rubbish seems to have forgotten about Tower Hamlets, Lee Rigby, Industrial Scale Muslim rape gangs, the Tube Bombings, Anjem Choudray.

This little vile speech will lose him more votes than he gains.

Anything for power for this Marxist clown.



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You cannot trust the mainstream media

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