Let the liberals pay for their own propaganda.

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The BBC should be boned, filleted, and the whole lot barbecued to within an inch of its leftie-biased life, then declared unfit for human consumption, and thrown away.

The BBC and the NHS are the two-most nefarious organizations in the country. Both run as states-within-a-state and increasingly unaccountable to anyone but themselves.BBC1

The BBC must be abolished as it is today and its patrimony used to create a public service broadcaster along American lines. Enough is enough. A third of the circulation of the Guardian is as a result of BBC purchases. Together, the Guardian and Independent represent a mere 4% of newspaper sales. The licence fee – payable under the duress of a criminal record and imprisonment – keeps the Guardian in business. THIS IS CRIMINAL EXTORTION with menaces. It is moral and ethical corruption.

Let the liberals pay for their own propaganda.

From the BBC licensing site… “You need to be covered by a valid TV Licence if you watch or record TV as it’s being broadcast. This includes the use of devices such as a computer, laptop, mobile phone or DVD/video recorder.”

So if you don’t watch or record programmes as they are broadcast you don’t need a license. If you don’t like the content that the BBC put out then don’t just switch off, stop paying!



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media


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