This is what happens when you have fools for leaders


What great big mess our politicians have caused. The issues in Northern Ireland won’t go away and then we now have major political problems in Scotland. England has its own problems as well, with a growing Third World immigrant population who want separate laws from the rest of us and I have no doubt, they’ll be calls for independent states from that lot in the not too distant future! Wales is probably the more stable, but then for how long?

This is what happens when you have fools for leaders and we have had our fair share of them over the past 60 years!


The past 30 years have gradually seen a shift in the Tory party to the left! So much so that there is little or often no difference on policies!

The biggest turn off for many, as been the introduction of a ‘politically leftist policy’, or what’s known to all as “Political Correctness” and both parties are responsible for it’s implementation and certainly both maintain and support it!

What happens if nobody can form a government? It won’t make any difference. You don’t the authorities would let politicians run the country do you?

Belgium managed without a national Government for a year – because their real government, like ours, is in Brussels.

The British Civil Service run the country, under the control of the Bureaucrats and Kommissars of Brussels.

Our Parliament is largely there for pretence ….. so the Elite can pretend that the UK remains a Parliamentary Democracy.

If there is no British government after 7 May, the British people will finally start to understand what a farce the whole Westminster charade now is.



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