The incomers will eventually have enough numbers to demand priority and control over us


The people guilty of turning the Mediterranean into a cemetery are the bleeding hearts who dangle a carrot in front of desperate people enticing them to give it a try to get to Europe, promising them endless appeals on human rights grounds to stay, and if that doesn’t work , running such hopeless border controls they are guaranteed the chance to disappear.

If these migrants knew that they would be sent back home before their feet touched European soil they wouldn’t set out in the first place, and perhaps stay in their own countries and make them more habitable places.reugees

These Marxist white haters deserve all they are going to get when the civil war breaks out. Bringing unending numbers of culturally and socially different peoples’ into our stable and civilised society will cause violence in the end.

The incomers will eventually have enough numbers to demand priority and control over us, and the indigenous will react to that. I am surprised it hasn’t started already. Probably this election may be the watershed moment that creates the social and political anger that will lead in that direction. Northern Ireland in the 50s and 60s is probably a good model to look at if you want to see where things might go.

The left have a hatred of whiteness and so are racists – but they hate their own colour regardless of the good that white people have wrought on the world ( in an overall sense. There were clearly acts of savagery and violence, but this is endemic in all races not just white people).

The Marxist National Socialists love affair with Islam is also curious given that a cursory search of internet history sites will lead to the obvious conclusion that Islam has been a violent, supremacist invader since its inception and that the hated Crusades were a very late response to centuries of invasion attempts by Islam.

If the left really cared about the lives of these people they would be calling for everything to be done to deter them from making the journey in the first place. That is exactly what the Australians did, sent out gunships, sent them home and it resulted in fewer boats and, crucially, fewer deaths.

But for the left and the people “campaigning” on twitter, the deaths of some of these people is a price worth paying for their hope of millions more immigrants to undermine Europe. Firstly it allows them to claim some false moral high ground in the left-wing echo chamber and secondly their hope that this huge wave of immigration might do to Europe what the Mexicans have done to the southern states of the US; utterly transform it. rp_article-1189927-0289F4CC000004B0-503_468x296-300x189.jpg

Remember that for the left and those people complaining about Nationalists on twitter, the mass rape of schoolgirls by immigrants in places like Rotherham was a “price worth paying” for mass immigration (so we know they care not in the least about women and girls while at the same time throwing tantrums about “everyday sexism”). They have no moral high ground. They are now arguing for a policy that will result in encouraging people to try to come and therefore die in the sea.

Also isn’t it sinister how these people are all so ready to call the police because they have a disagreement with someone. It shows we have to rid the police of their “diversity” training, get rid of all hate (thought) crime laws, get rid of the Equality Act.

Truly it is dispiriting for any who care for freedom of speech that the average Guardianista’s first instinct is now to call the police when they disagree with someone.



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