The MSM is now so tainted by its association with the failed westminster consensus

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The Mains Stream Media have not come to grips with this “Interweb thingy” which has enlightened, and set free the minds/opinions/voices of everyone, no longer do we “serfs” believe everything the MSM spoon feed us, no longer do they influence us on how to vote, who to support any more….we bask in free will because we can see alternative arguments, facts, points of view, and make informed choice, , and, well I have to say i find it so very funny as the MSM King Canutes..still try to brainwash us into doing their bidding…The ship sailed long ago, Elvis has long since left the building…..we are on a roll…..If I did not despise MSM so much I would feel a tad sorry for them!rp_propaganda-media-controls-us-300x225.jpg

It’s also encouraging to note the indicators of rising panic amongst the mainstream political class and the BBC.

The desperation is both sad and terrifying, it shows they’ll stop at nothing to maintain the corrupt Liblabcon oligarchy.

Its a sad indictment of the state of this democracy, when decent everyday people cannot declare openly who they support politically for fear of aggressive, self-absorbed individuals targeting them and trying to ruin their lives.

The Lunatic Mainstream journalists must have got so habituated to making a living out of going along with the Group-think fed to them, over claret lunches &c, by the Lunatic Mainstream Political Class, that they cannot take on board the sound common sense, the obvious truth, of so much nationalist outlook and policy.

The mistaken idea that tolerance is always a virtue and intolerance always a vice is corrupting the very heart of our society. In the name of tolerance every evil is exalted and proudly defended, while all those who resist and condemn evil are smeared and demonised as hate mongers and bigots.

Yet what are such smear tactics other than intolerance and bigotry on the part of those who claim to be tolerant? Like all who are self-righteous, the dogmatic zealots of tolerance often reveal themselves to be extremely intolerant.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media
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