Poor white children do worst at British schools

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As reported in the  Daily Mail

POOR white British children have become the least likely of any ethnic group  to succeed at school, according to an official report to be published this  week.

We agree with

‘Poor white’ is an ethnic group invented by Labour. The education of ‘poor  white’ children is often damaged by being taught in schools with a multiplicity  of ethnicities speaking different languages in which the education of the ‘poor  white’ children is considered secondary by their teachers


I’m a teacher and lament the fact the socialist teaching unions are only  interested in ethnic kids. For example, history is taught in such a way that  everything is in opposition to the mainstream. They’re taught about the  crusades, slavery, civil rights in America and the Vietnam war and yet still  have Black History Month and various minority cultural events yet nothing  praising the achievements of this country and why English children should feel  proud of their identity. The race to the bottom is shameful and embarrassing.


Everyone focussed on the immigrants who couldn’t speak English… and forgot  about the English
3 generations of English working class people have now been betrayed by the  useless, selfish political class. A basic requirement of any government is to give  its citizens a basic education but just look around you and listen to most  working class kids. You hear young people without hope of anything other than a  hopeless, narrow  life of low paid work at best and welfare  dependency ,drugs, alcoholism or crime at worst. While all the while this so called  liberal political class have ensured their money has freed their kids from this  useless education imposed on the majority. Ensuring their children receive one of  the best educations in the world.




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