Global warming is not settled by any means whatsoever – it’s been proven to be false.


There is barely a single programme on the BBC which does not preach to viewers and listeners about man made global warming. The BBC is totally biased, corrupt and is a propaganda machine. It should be sold off and made to compete in the market place.

It is going to be priceless to watch the BBC and the other alarmists trying to justify themselves over the coming months and years as the evidence for their obsession fails to materialise. Unfortunately quite a lot of damage has already been done by green policies. BBC 2

The BBC is the chief British propagandist of the left wing single issue zealots and the cultural Marxists who have taken over this country.
Alternative energy zealots are just one group amongst many who are ripping this country to bits and as the main propagandistic channel for these rotten and destructive views the BBC is an extreme danger to our country.

We have had no warming for 17 years. Prior to that (in the age that could be said to count), we had a mere 23 years of warming, preceded by 30 years of cooling.

AGW is built on the premise that man-made CO2 is affecting the global temperature.
CO2 levels are continuing to rise (unarguably) yet global temperatures have not (despite all claims to the contrary as even the IPCC acknowledge the ‘pause’).

Therefore scientifically (remember that?) the theory that is AGW (for that is all it has ever been – a theory) has been dis proven.

Global warming is not settled by any means whatsoever – it’s been proven to be false.BBC bias

IPCC pseudo-science has always been outrageous Science Fraud, originally from poor physics, latterly (20 years) fake past temperature ‘adjustments’.

The Green Party tells us that we just have to keep subsidising renewable s.

Well at the moment all the wind machines are generating less than 500 MW whilst we are importing four times as much via the French interconnector. Well clueless Greens – how are we supposed to operate all our food processing, communications /NHS /schools etc if we close all the reliable plants and leave only wind power?

Any answer must not be just flannel, but show the working mathematics.



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