I find being taxed to pay for health tourism treatment offensive.

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That, the politicians are constantly at it, stating for any listener near at hand, “the NHS is running out of money and it’s all your fault for growing old”

……. er no! Actually that’s all a total fabrication and the bleeding hearts nuttersilliberals along with Dave and the UK the establishment – know it full well.
But are importing thousands of family members of our diversity benefit culturewith all the common diseases we have eradicated on these islands plus myriad congenital defects and a ready made aged mass of people all who have never paid a sou towards their upkeep.nhs money2
Lets also mention, scum party economics and MacMental’s imprudence scheme to pay for new build hospitals on the never, never – the PFI lunacy. PFI the muck spreader dishing out public cash like there’s no tomorrow – which has strapped, indebting hospital trusts up and down the nation – the repayment contracts signed with such as Balfour Beatty are stupid beyond avarice ie £60 to change a light bulb – idiocy but the taxpayers pay for it – the Tories say nothing because it [PFI] was originally a Tory design.
NHS hospitals, the Liverpool pathway notwithstanding, Staffordshire and Mid Kent killed hundreds of patients.
And the left were throwing their toys out of the pram for anyone having a go and for mentioning the fact that we seem to be the HIV-AIDS treatment centre for most of the African continent!

Can you not see the problem here? Forsooth, the UK administration along with Twitter and the political elite have lost their few remaining flippin’ marbles.

If the establishment press thought they could damage Nationalists with stories of racist health tourism then they have made a serious miscalculation and proved once again just how out-of-touch they are with the public on the subject of what to do about the escalating health tourism problem in Britain.

The BBC, the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Daily Mail, The Mirror, the Sun, all the luvvies on their blogs and twitter accounts, all the favoured comedians, the leadership of the Conservatives, Labour and Lib Dem parties – all of them united to try to smear Nationalists as “racist”. It even seemed the Conservative Party joined the Guardian (though both denied it officially) to smear Nationalists and of course the infamous campaign by the Main stream media continues to grind on despite the way we are ridiculed for throwing around the word “racist” (a pity the likes of us didn’t put their energy to saving those schoolgirls raped by immigrants). The BBC have outdone themselves and of course the Guardian, where facts are sacred, was caught out misrepresenting immigration statistics to smear Nationalists and has become nothing more than a platform for the far left to attack Nationalists.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media


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