How does political correctness infect so far and so deep?


Twenty years ago ‘speech crimes’ were a thing of fictional novels set in far off totalitarian futures under ruthless authoritarian governments – Orwell’s Nineteen-Eighty-four for example. Or perhaps something you read about in some far away dictatorship – the old Soviet Union or China perhaps. Never would you think you would be prosecuted for the crime of ‘speaking your mind’ in Britain – but this is just what is happening in ‘Modern Britain’ today.

Freedom of speech

Freedom of speech?

Labour MP for Rochdale Simon Danczuk has raised a complaint about Katie Hopkins with the Greater Manchester Police after Hopkins called him out on his phoney flag stunt when Danczuk was photgraphed raising the Pakistan national flag in Rochdale – so soon after the Pakistani grooming gangs scandal that has hit Rochdale and many other parts of Britain. Danczuk is basically using the law to shut her up which as Juno rightly suggests – sets a terrifying precedent for freedom of expression in Britain.

I have a rough time understanding how hate-speech/thought crimes ever came to be. What happened to free speech? Why does anyone have a ‘right’ to not be offended? It is ridiculous.

How does political correctness infect so far and so deep? The police no longer seem to believe they should react to breaches of law properly enacted, but now the whims of Left wing pillocks (even if they do hold the rank of Chief Constable). Similarly, did someone, one day think, I want to start a rumour but it must be so stupid that, merely by believing it people show how clever I am and how stupid they are. And came up with Global Warming.



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