Labour will do nothing about the rate of immigration except to increase it

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The unremitting tedium goes on. The idea that only one of two people can become the next PM is undemocratic. No coverage of nationalist instead we have two unctuous, mendacious creeps hogging the limelight and telling the same lies they’ve told for years. Nobody is fooled but they haven’t noticed yet.

Delighted to see Labour launch by telling us why they are against an EU referendum and why we must stay in the EU. Great stuff. It worked so well for Clegg last year! The Tories? “We are better than Labour on the Economy” and “Cameron would be better as PM than Milliband” and… er…that’s it! Only 37 days to go!

The economic record of CON, LAB and LIB is HOPELESS.liblabcon

The NATIONAL DEBT was only £195 billion in 1992.

CON increased it to £362 billion by 1996.

LAB increased it to £729 billion by 2009 (PLUS more debts from Brown’s “private finance initiative” PLUS an ongoing DEFICIT of £250 billion pa due to
liabilities including payment of tax credits and unemployment benefits to the
millions of “third world” immigrants Labour brought in).

CON/LIB increased it to £1411 billion by 2013 (PLUS an ongoing DEFICIT of £122 billion).

They are all following EU diktats and their economic policies are intolerable.


Labour will do nothing about the rate of immigration except to increase it and ensure that the indigenous people of these islands become extinct sooner rather than later.

The last Labour government destroyed Britain whilst committing treason… the next Labour government will carry on with the job they started in 1997 because they despise us.

Immigration pushes down wages for the lower paid workers by increasing supply above demand for cheap labour. It makes the workforce into a nation of cheap temporary labourers and encourages a third world low tech economy by discouraging investment in productivity, where businesses in the service sector that bring in no foreign currency flourish but they and their workers suck in more foreign made high tech products. The UK economy does not work. There is too little productivity, too much foreign debt and too high a trade deficit. There are already too many people for the economy to sustain. We need to be exporting migrants, not importing them.

How predictable that the election campaign is focusing in on the legacy parties, like we have no other choice. Just Cameron or Miliband, two beta males squabbling about whose turn it is to inherit the god-given right to lead our long-suffering country even further down the path to its final destruction.

All they deserve is a ferocious kick in the pants, and anyone who votes for either of them needs sectioning.



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