Marine Le Pen is exactly what France needs


Le Pen proving how dangerous she is, actually giving the French people a say on one of the biggest influences on the lives! Perish the thought that such dangerous ideas as the people having their say comes to these shores.

Marine Le Pen is exactly what France needs to clean up and correct the demographic and financial issues facing France.

The mainstream media tell us”In Sunday’s local elections, the National Front finished second in the country with their highest ever vote.”
Could therefore someone explain how they arrive at this conclusion from the official figures here – http://elections.interieur.gou…
This clearly shows –
First place: Front National: 5,141,897 votes; 25.24% of the vote.
Second place: Union de la Droite (Union of the Right): 4,254,050 votes; 20.88% of the vote.
Third place: Parti Socialiste (Socialist Party): 2,708,427 votes; 13.0% of the votes.
Fourth place: Union de la Gauche (Union of the Left, consisting of the Communist Party, the Greens, the Radical Party of the Left, and the Citizen and Republican Movement): 1,663,466 votes, 8.17% of the vote.
Fifth place: Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP Union for a Popular Movement): 1,339,412 votes; 6.57% of the vote.

Is there some complicated underhand method at work here trying to hide the truth?

they gained the highest number of votes by any single party, by a substantial margin. Strange how nobody seems to mention that.Front National

Le Pen is offering the French electorate a straight non negotiated In/Out referendum for which she will vigorously campaign for an Out result, whilst Cameron is going to “negotiate” the non-negotiable, produce a fig-leaf of concessions (as per Harold Wilson) and then campaign vigorously for an In result backed by Big Business, the MSM, the BBC, all British Institutions, the Unions, Lib/Lab/Con and the EU itself.

You can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all the time but not all the people all the time.

It looks like people are beginning to wake up and realise just how much they have been fooled. It has taken several decades, and we are normally a forgiving lot, us plebs, but the lies, deceit and manipulation by the political classes is now being seen exactly for what it really is.

The cracks are slowly getting larger in the cosy environment of the political bubble, where the only consensus is among their own kind.



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