The born to rule arrogance of Cameron and the Tory elite is astounding.


British politics are in an absurdly depressing state when political leaders seek to differentiate themselves on the basis of their kitchens.

Since heir of Blair became PM, It’s become perfectly clear the EU managed agenda Cameron is adhering to, does not include pensioners or most other people who have had the audacity to have resided in the UK for more than 50 years !

Cameron has done nothing to improve the lot of pensioners.they are thrown on the scrapheap and forgotten about. and if they are ill the NHS will put them out of their misery.cameron pinocchio

Cameron is fooling nobody, this is all very contrived electioneering.

Vote for me, I’ll be working my notice from day one so won’t be much interested in any long term policies. I’ll be thinking about feathering my nest in the future. I’ll be doing a Tony Blair.


Cameron knows full well he’s very unpopular with many Tories and indeed his attitude and actions have lost life long Tories to other parties.

By letting slip this well rehearsed piece of theatre, he hopes to gain back some of those lost voters, by giving them the vain hope he’ll stand down in favour of someone more in tune with Conservative ideals.
The sad thing is, all the runners in that race, are exactly the same as Cameron.

Cameron has achieved his mission – to make all three political Parties the same, i.e. Labour, Lib Dems and Conservative.

We’ve had enough of the LibLabCon. It’s time for new politics, the country is ready for real change. Not more of the same old spin and lies from career politicians like David Cameron.

Vote for any other party and we will see the beginning of real change, a vote for the main three is a vote. wasted.



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