The Front National is fresh air in a very stale political environment.

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Its Marine le Pen and parties like her who are the only hope for ending the enslavement of over 400,000,000 people in what is little more than the Fourth Reich
It is parties like hers which will give European’s back their sovereignty, liberty, independence, self government and nationhood.

The west needs strong patriotic leaders like Le Pen and The Netherlands Geert Wilders, instead of the craven apologists that we do have.

I hope she sweeps all before her and becomes the first lady President of France.

Given the levels of corruption and sheer incompetence of the so called mainstream political parties, change is needed to safeguard Democracy.

Major changes are needed to put an end to political stagnation. We see in France, we see in the UK, we see in the US. The ruling class is totally out of touch and no longer stands for the interests of those they stand to represent.

The Front National is fresh air in a very stale political environment.

when did race-replacing mass immigration become “respectable” and “popular”? Since when was it acceptable for a French Prime Minister to make a speech ordering the native French to extinguish themselves in race-mixing, as he does here:

Peoples wish to live and not die, and the native French are the same as everybody else in that respect. This disgusting and unnatural drive of the political class of the West to genocide European peoples has to be defeated. France, like England, like every European country, has to be restored to its true people.

That just, natural, and utterly necessary aim might not be considered “mainstream” by the Establishment politicos and journos. But in what possible sense can it ever be wrong?

Horror stories are waiting for us all over Europe if the Le Pens and Wilders of this world do not gain power.

How can something so glaringly obvious be so hard for the political and media class of Britain 2015 to understand? Have they all been taking heavy doses of the “stupid” drug?

The French horror story is, much like the British one, a political class brought and paid for by multi-national corporations who’ve encouraged them to flood western Europe with millions of unassimilable third world migrants, especially Muslims and Africans, regardless of the genuine concerns of the indigenous population, what might happen to our ethnic and cultural identity and our societal norms.

Because this elite simply don’t care about these things.

They only care about money, and anyone who disagrees is a “Racist and “fascist” and “Xenophobe” ETC.

The media who use such words are the same media owned by the same multi-national corporations who advocate mass migration and the border less world. Remember that.mlepen

The language used by FN members is no different to the language used by mainstream politicians in almost every society outside of western Europe and north America. Remember that, too!

Are the Japanese “racist” for keeping their native land Japanese? How about the Chinese, or the Indians or the entire Islamic/Arab world? Or African nations, I mean, those nations are so black! ┬áNo one’s complaining about the lack of white or yellow faces in Africa, or about the lack of black and white faces in India or Pakistan, ETC.

Its all relative Ladies and gentleman, this “racism” nonsense. The French “far-right” are “racist” only because they belong to a European ethnic group instead of an African or Asian or middle eastern race. Therefore, if they dare show any resistance to the multi-national corporate agenda, of which the left are the useful idiots of, French patriots, like British ones’ are demonised and ridiculed and if need be, destroyed



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media


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