They lie because they don’t know how to tell the truth, never have never will.

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The media are more than complicit. Instead of laying bare the facts and holding politicians to account, they are bought, self-serving liars and propagandists.

How do we know that the politicians are lying when the media keeps deceiving us?

What has been happening ever since 1997 is that the MSM have been buying the spin of the Labour Machine and are howling and screaming every single time anything deemed to be some sort of holy grail to the left is criticised.

If schools and universities educated people properly and the BBC held politicians to account and gave balanced views to the public then we would have politicians falling over themselves to shut down daft depts, self serving charities and pointless quangos

It must be patently obvious by now that the politicians, who know which side their bread is buttered, are hand-in-glove with the MSM and their lefty agendas, the BBC first and foremost.

Mob rule is probably the worst tyranny of all.westminster bub

The Chancellor of the day should not deliver a “budget” in the last March before a May General Election. This coalition has sat on its hands for the last four months, having run out of steam and interest.

They should have had to stand or fall on their performance to date. Not have a chance to toss a few spurious “sweetners” to “buy” a batch of voters. They know that whoever gets elected will bring out another budget anyway shortly after the election. At which time they will drop all the shock horror bombshells that they were too chicken to put before the electorate this week.

Meanwhile, the voters have woken up to this, and will indeed punish politicians for lying: not about the economy, but about everything, from child abuse scandals to EU ‘deals’.

There are enough of us who have seen through this electoral ‘promise’ shell game. Trying to ‘lie’ to us by ‘promises’, or rather by graciously promising to give us back our money is not going to work any longer.
And yes – we’re working on those who still think ‘Daddy State’ must be elected else they’ll stand naked in the roads …

A sizeable proportion of voters would probably put up with more “austerity” if they were not being forced via taxation to give support and succour to those who hate the UK both at home and abroad, i.e. being forced to fund their own destruction.

They lie because they don’t know how to tell the truth, never have never will.



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