This country is being systematically destroyed.

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The Multiculturalism is a liberal/progressive trojan horse whose purpose is total destruction of Western Civilization.

Multiculturalism isn’t about respecting other cultures – multiculturalists know next to nothing of them – the central tenet is to destroy Western culture.

Church of England is preparing for the domestic Caliphate, but quite forgetting that its churches will then be destroyed and its clergy butchered.

And when you look at ABC Welby who personifies effete, deferential, Islam-is-Peace idiocy and weakness, we know that the CofE is doomed.

Christians being killed in the name of Islam you would think Church officials would look into the actual teachings of Islam and see they are being used and there is no sincerity that they will accept any other religion besides Islam.muslim

Amazing how progressive thought surrenders the most successful, wealthy, just, free culture in human history- the only culture that eradicated slavery from the globe-Western culture. Surrendering to Medieval totalitarian tribalism that has not contributed anything but violence to the world for half a millennium.

This is a major problem with progressives embedded within the Church.

They do not have a submissive spirit out of love for Christ, but rather a rebellious one for their own selfish purposes. They either do not understand, or simply do not care, that Jesus is Head of, and in charge of His Church, not them.

They are appeasers and capitulators. Another thing they apparently do not understand is that the “Church” they are forming (the Apostate Church) is going to be separated from the True Church by the holy Angels in the end, like chaff is separated from wheat. The True Church is headed for eternal glory in Heaven. The false “apostate” church, however, is headed for a very different place – one that Jesus warned us about – a place of eternal punishment.

It’s no joke. Come out of the apostate church while you can, and reject its folly, before you get pulled down with the entire “ship” to destruction. The Way to Life is through obedience to Christ, not obedience to rebellious men and women.



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