committing a virtually bankrupt Britain to spending 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid is utter foolishness

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The UK Government – with its bosses in Brussels – takes 13 billion pounds a year for their “favourite” charities. Consider the “Water Theme Park” – half a billion euros – in Morocco – courtesy of a French Company owned by EU donors. Or perhaps a Dog Spa in Hungary etc etc.

Too many rip-offs – too few downstream checks. And giving Nigeria’s horror politicians millions to send the first Nigerian rocket complete with astronauts into space – beggars my imagination. Then there’s India with money for its Space Programme – and they still didn’t buy Made in UK weapons.foreign aid1

Huge amounts of national wealth are being wasted and abused – sent abroad. This free money is not being used use to enhance the personal wealth of British politicians, but to enhance their egos. But it is the same, and it verges on criminality. They have no mandate to do this. But the same applies to huge wind farm subsidies, amounting to hundreds of millions of pounds annually, and which are seriously blighting the countryside into the bargain. Again, no mandate.

committing a virtually bankrupt Britain to spending 0.7% of GDP on foreign aid is utter foolishness and a complete disgrace. Of course the massive “charity” corporations are cheering the decision, it’s guarantees their obscene salaries for the foreseeable future. Charity begins at home.

Everything in Britain is being cut, our Armed Forces, Police, etc, and yet the foreign aid budget is being increased to 14 billion, ring fenced and now made into law that we have to give 0.7% of GDP, away every year, forever!

The adverts for charity on TV for 3rd world countries still show little girls carrying water barrels miles to get water. I was watching those same adverts 60 years ago ! If nothing has changed where has the hundreds of billions of pounds we sent over gone to ? It is a scam and we should stop it immediately, we should only send money over for genuine world disasters, nothing else. Meanwhile charity bosses are earning more money than the Prime Minister, it is just one big con.



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