The BBC, shaping perceptions and creating false reality to fit their ideology

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The whole climate change movement is nothing more than a political tool to scare people into giving up there liberty and money. When i see some of the liberal elites parking their private jets, selling their ocean front homes and planting a few trees then I might give them a second thought. They create more of a carbon foot print in one day than the average person does in a year or more.

The global warming religious cult does not like the fact that the earths climate has been changing with out mans help it can be proved through ice core data and mud core data but as true liberals they have to try to control mans behavior and this is the new scam and they have been caught in another big lie.BBC1

Climate science maths: 2 + 2 = 5  you have to scream that anyone who dares to point out the fact that the original numbers were actually 2 and 2 are deniers, or part of a deluded minority so their views are worthless.

The BBC’s latest propaganda effort on behalf of the climate change alarmism lobby. Climate Change by Numbers BBC Documentary 2015

Set the mood lighting to ‘indoctrinate’ smile a lot and use faces that endear, wind down the dumb down dial to -9 and keep the message simple and repetitive and always with a reassuring smile to the camera. Hypnosis by TV.

Of course you have to leave a great deal out of the show, plaster over the cracks, a great many cracks, never quite tell lies but never ever tell the whole truth or allow the viewer to doubt the message. Eliminate uncertainty from the doctrine, ban dissenting voices and those that may introduce caution or lack of confidence in the central narrative.

This isnt a documentary but should be kept to show future students how propaganda is produced and why it is produced, the student of the future can learn valuable lessons in how the establishment operates, the dishonesty and the cynical manipulation involved.

The BBC, shaping perceptions and creating false reality to fit their ideology

Real science involves establishing theory’s and then validating them against measured data. The trouble is with Climate change the computer model data does not match the measured data so they adjust the measured data to match the model. That’s not science.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media


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