The BBC is a liberal dictatorship that produces liberal propaganda

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There are many threats to the UK from around the world, but the biggest is much closer to home. The BBC. We have an institution that peddles left wing PC propaganda paid for by us – with menaces – that has access to our lives wherever we are. More subtle than Mao Zedong blaring out of speakers but nevertheless there all the time. The BBC tax needs to be removed thus cutting off the Labour party media wing.bbc marxist

They have been infiltrated by the left to the point that they are institutionally and intellectually incapable of seeing the world through anything other than a left wing lens and those in charge won’t be giving up their troughs without a massive fight.

The only real way to break this stranglehold is to allow democracy to prevail, to let the viewer choose if they want to watch the propaganda and end the license fee coercion. It’s a laughably antiquated ‘business’ model.

The BBC has kept many people on the left by its continuous drip drip of left wing brain washing. C4 is the same and so is the Church of England. You know what the outcome will be and the pea brain people are taken in.

When the BBC advertises a program as ‘drama’ you know it is something to be given a miss as it will be left wing dross, and especially when its advertised as a ‘gritty drama’ as it will be left wing dross with actors shouting and screaming at one another.rp_bbcpravda-300x225.jpg

Its programmes are average and the news coverage no better than anywhere else – at best. This is especially true now that we have satellite TV. I have been amazed at just how much important news doesn’t even get a mention in British news programmes and the “non-profit making” BBC.

The BBC is a smug public sector organisation that’s both biased and increasingly irrelevant; The worst thing about the BBC is that we all have to pay for it – It should be treated like any other political organisation.



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