Fingers crossed the whole ghastly EU comes crashing down thanks to Greece.

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The Greek Economy is the exhibit A in the case against Socialism and the Global Socialist agenda. When you run out of other people’s money, the game is over and Greece has reached that point. Even China has adopted some of he tenets of capitalism that has caused a renaissance in that Country.

“The biggest default in world history”.British businessman breaks the euro with a baseball bat

Difficult to see how this can be avoided, much as we might sympathise with Greeks they seem to keep slamming every door that’s open.

Greece is 3% of the EU turnover and they will not be missed. The only thing that is bothering the Germans and French is that the Greeks leaving the euro will be the first hole in the dam of their failed monetary Union experiment.

Greece hasn’t caused enough drama yet for another European Crisis that requires more Sovereign Powers to be transferred from nation states to Brussels – in order to prevent catastrophe naturally.

Remember, Every Crisis makes them stronger and to protect Britain’s “growing” economy only the Conservative Party can sell out Britain’s interests just as fast as the Labour Party…

Prepare for smiles, and grand announcements on Friday that on the 11th hour Greece accepts the Troikas “generously non amended terms” dragging out negotiations for another six months where Greece will get its extra £12Billion from the ECB in June to repay £12Billion back to ECB/IMF…

Nothing to see here folks, just a bunch of politicians trying to make themselves look and sound important whilst the steal from taxpayers all over Europe….



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