N.H.S……it makes guilty liberals feel good about themselves

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As reported in the Daily Mail

We agree with this

It happens because our politicians are inept


It has to be one of the great wonders of our age doesn’t it? The NHS employs  37,314 managers, but they’re still absolutely hopeless at procurement and have  no ability to manage even basic invoicing. But their tick box system is designed  to show many more patients than they actually have. One patient should be one  patient no matter how many pillars and posts they get passed between. Mr Bevan  said in a speech that an out of control admin was his greatest fear, he must be  spinning in his grave


This was a topic widely raised before the 2010 General Election and yet little,  if anything has been done.  Very disappointing for Tory voters.  Very bad for  the NHS


The fact that they’re here, exploiting the NHS to which they are not entitled, is  proof they’re here exploiting everything else.They should not receive ANY  ROUTINE medical treatment whatsoever and you have to blame hospital workers for  allowing it to happen. Hospital staff in other countries manage to vet their  patients, why do British staff think it’s beneath them and can’t be  bothered. Perhaps if their job was on the line they might have a re-think.


And in the mean time, OAPs are still having to sell their homes to pay for their  care.  OAPs are afraid to put the heating up when it is cold because of the rip  off culture of the energy companies.   OAPs are now targeted by the parties  because they need more money to squander.  This could and should have been  stopped years ago but there has never been the political will or guts to do so.   Yet another scandal which Westminster refuses to deal with.

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