Further attempts by the thought police to abolish freedom of thought and speech

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When Government Leaders engage in fascist like behaviour,like spying without warrants, jail you with out reason, or because you differ on politics. Then the word Nazi,Communists, is the only word that is appropriate.

Only a matter of weeks ago our so-called ‘Conservative’ Prime Minister was marching with other world leaders is solidarity with Charlie Hebdo, declaring the importance of free speech and the right to be offensive in a free society.je suis charlie

Now he is being asked, by MPs from all parties, to consider proposals to remove certain rights from those who dare to be offensive when exercising their freedom of speech.

We will control your speech. We will control what you are allowed to say and what others are allowed to hear…

We are doing this in the name of tolerance….and by “racists” they mean anyone who is critical of immigration policy and/or certain religio-political ideologies that promote violence and can’t tolerate free-speech.

So now that the charge of ‘racism’ has been worn out, they want to make thought crime on a par with paedophilia.

Diversity runs over liberty on the road to despotism. On whose behalf is it that we need to keep increasing our repressive laws, diminishing the space in which the majority English (/British) population can breathe free? Whose self-interest is it in, who benefits and to what end?

Blasphemy laws by any other name. Just watch as the definition of ‘racism’ is expanded to include anything the government doesn’t want to hear.

Given that the people who were warning about places like Rotherham were dismissed as “racists” by the Small and Bad, this “group of MPs” shut up, as far as I’m concerned.thought_police_01

The whole point of Parliament was that it was supposed to limit and curb executive power. The current bunch of morons, though seem more interested in thinking of restrictions against the people they are supposed to be representing.

I can’t believe the utter stupidity of elected officials.

It is hard to fathom the depravity of a leftist progressive politician. I’m offended by their lies, lack of transparency, subversion of the rule of law, over taxing, over spending, insane debt, and desire to control my thoughts and actions. In fact I’m offended by progressive ideology. Period. Liberal progressive, multi cultural politicians are in fact, themselves, a hate crime.



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