Who would have thought that the enemy would come from within?

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Cultural Marxism is to society what Communism is to free trade.

The cultural fascism of the left wing zealots, which includes all levels of the education system, where we are instructed what to think, say and do about immigration, same sex relationships, women, the environment, the role of the state, the NHS, the EU, Islam, multiculturalism and all the rest of the bullying issues they use so aggressively to intimidate us, is an extreme danger to Britain.thought_police_01

The Establishment has worked with the ideologically extreme left to create a bullying, abusive environment in which any dissent against the ideology is shouted down.
The judge and jury extremists of the left sit in judgement of the rest of us with their extremist cultural ideology.

Hope not hate thugs, unite against fascism fascists, SWP zealots, state bureaucracy ideologues, MSM propagandists, the anti British and anti democratic extremism of Liblabcon.

The left really are scraping the bottom of their filthy political barrel to resort constantly to physical, verbal and political intimidation, insults , smears, lies, misrepresentation against anyone who dares disagree with their nasty little extremist ideology.

Britain’s Universities are infected with the same disease as every other institution.

Britain never achieved her greatness in the past by going down the road of dismantling liberty, democracy, giving away her sovereignty, bullying its citizens around with threats if they say something it regards as unsavory or treating the natives of this country with complete contempt, especially the English. No, it achieved greatness by encouraging industrious people, inventive people and people proud to serve and protect this nation from those would do it harm.

Patriotism then was a pillar of our civilisation where today it is a dirty word, not dirty in a real sense but made so by a clique of anti-British thought Police. They have infiltrated almost every level of British society today – these are the fifth column that is often talked about and yes, they definitely exist.

Who would have thought that the enemy would come from within? That established political parties would unite in a common cause to destroy it and take away this Island nation from the very people it was handed to by our forefathers; and to think these brave souls fought and shed their blood only for a future band of brigands to give it all away for nothing.



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