All European nations should get out of the Euro and protect their own borders financially and otherwise.

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The Euro is a political currency that was created to create a sense of communality in Europe. The fact is that the economies of the member nations are as different as varying colour socks in the same drawer.

When one of the nations withdraws from the monetary union, the entire house of cards that the Euro created will collapse.

The Swiss still believe, as of today, that one plus one equals two, and that the EU believes that one plus one equals ten.Swiss 1

As long as the Swiss could make money using the EU method, so what, that was their banking procedures.

Now the Swiss have re-discovered that they will make more money and being more secured, with the one plus one program, and also, that Greece will renege again on their debts, this time seriously, and that may be the straw that breaks the EU Banking Back.

The Swiss, with their Knights Templar bloodlines have learned to make money under any financial circumstances, and again, they will be the huge flight of money to safety country.

Paris attacks, Greece, Russia, Isis, Iran, Syria……..Swiss are entering the bunker readying for what is coming. They have always protected and isolated themselves when things in Europe get bad.

This country desperately needs to be free and in charge of its own destiny again. Ever since we joined the poisonous European Union we have been on a never ending slide into oblivion.

Lets face it, the prospect of Britain floating free scares our enemies, both at home and abroad, but the possibility that we might form something better with our friends utterly terrifies them. There are countries with whom we share culture, history and blood. Imagine how strong a true union of Britain, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand would be; who knows maybe Scandinavia and the Netherlands would join as well. We do not need to be part of the undemocratic EU in order to build something wonderful!

Such a move would seriously wound the EU and put us smack bang in the middle of the three largest trading blocks. We have never been truly happy since our leaders abandoned our brothers in favour of the EU; we need to re-establish our historical bonds before they vanish forever.



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