The extremists are the anti British, anti democratic old parties.

The Emperor is naked and in plain view for everyone to see.

Not much left now but for it to shuffle off stage … the shame is that our leaders continue to delude themselves that they are acting in our best interests and refuse to go quietly. History is unforgiving of tyrants and tyrannies.

I sometimes try to imagine what it must have been like for Londoners during the Battle of Britain in 1940, with enemy air-raids and bombs falling all around. Pretty darn frightening, I imagine. No-one knew for sure if we would defeat the enemy, and if we failed, what would the future hold?Leaders

But at least, there was one comforting thought: The knowledge that the UK government of the day stood full square against the enemy, and would do everything in its power to defeat them.
If only we had that small speck of reassurance now!
For what makes our current situation so different is the blindingly obvious fact that right now, our government and all the mainstream parties are standing full square with the enemy. Who could possibly have dreamt of such a scenario, here in Britain?

Liblabcon will govern in its own interest, carrying out the orders of the EU and its cronies through bigger, higher tax and spend, interfering government and anti democratic rule to the disadvantage of the British people.

They really are funny the media, aren’t they.

They remind me somewhat of Comical Alli from Iraq. (Although he had far more personality)

They keep coming out and claiming everything’s under control.
Whilst behind them things are blowing up.

They’ve been spouting the same propaganda for so long that they have been sucked into it themselves. And they believe what they write to be true.

They’re not saying it to us any longer, but to themselves, hoping they it is. Because they have denied it for so long, they are scared witless.

Anyone stood listening closely to them will cause their jaws to drop, and incredulously say “did they honestly just expect me to believe that…” when you can see, deep down, they don’t believe it themselves.

You keep on though media, if burying your head in the sand and repeating the same prayers works for you. Pray away!



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media