Turning off lights to plunge PEGIDA into darkness… Those who do this are plunging Europe into a new dark age.


The MSM are now a fully paid up part of the political class and their incessant propaganda is obvious to any reasonably intelligent thinking person.

“As long as these people keep peacefully protesting and calmly making their points, they will continue to win support”

This is what the establishment elite fear most and they have an answer to it that has worked well for them so far, they have their brown shirt rabble of far left wing/green/islamist thugs to introduce violence and disorder as a way of discrediting popular demonstrations which will then be blamed on the peaceful marchers.nazi-brownshirt

This is how the establishment demonizes groups that threatens its degenerate plans, the only violence occurs when the extreme left/islamist arrive on scene and then the MSM tries to blame the victims for the violence.

Its a well worn tactic to introduce street rabble brown shirt thugs to discredit and suppress popular demonstrations by ordinary people and it has worked to deter families and decent people from joining in out of fear.

Why is the extreme left allowed to act as they do? The state can use their hate and bigotry just like the Nazis used their brown shirt thugs in the 30s, at all costs the state will use any and every method to ensure the ordinary decent law abiding people are kept in their place.

The MSM are as complicit as the Elites and I hope they are held to account in a similar way.

Each time I see a Newscaster on TV I see an amoral professional liar and each time I read a MSM article penned by a Political Commentator I view it as little more than propaganda, Herr Goebbels would have been proud of the current crop of deceivers who write lies and fail to report the truth in support of the corrupt European, US and British ‘Establishments’

Today’s Germans are the most educated people in the world, and they understand that one plus one equals two, unlike this country. They are still a Christian Country, whether people go to Church or not. And Stuttgart will be one of the leading cities to protest, unlike what was said in this article.

Merkel has now showed her true colors of RED.

Turning off lights to plunge PEGIDA into darkness, those who do this are plunging Europe into a new dark age.



Juno for your news
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