The Rotherham tragedy presents us with an opportunity that we mustn’t miss.


Any Prime Minister or Home Secretary that doesn’t go all-out to expose the current and past MPaedos in their party is sanctioning paedophilia. Power, money, influence and career have to come before the lives of children.

Fear of one little word has done more harm to our country than anything else. It makes cowards of the strongest men, empowers mobs and justifies witch hunts; its past time to be as brave as our ancestors, face down political correctness and speak our minds, whatever the consequences.

The Rotherham tragedy presents us with an opportunity that we mustn’t miss; every politician and official who through cowardice, policy or inaction allowed this crime to continue must be rooted out. Officialdom must not be allowed to get away with sacrificing a few scape goats but should rather face increased punishments for breach of trust, much like teachers do. Lets face it our politicians are largely responsible (although they would never admit it) since they are the ones who created this paralysing climate of political correctness in the first place.bnp rotherham

If just 5% of the truth escaped into the public domain regarding the scale of historic and ongoing Paedo abuse, then the whole Lib/Lab/Con (and EU) political establishment would be finished overnight and they know it, so no great surprise they all close ranks and protect each other… expect nothing different with any so called “independent” enquiry which will be the usual whitewash, unless the public finally get angry about it. Do not hold your breath though…

eg. Rotherham is most likely the biggest single scandal since WW2 and has already been largely swept under the carpet and (predictably) buried by the BBC etc who employ the tried & tested tactic of trivial distraction. eg. Calling someone a “jock” is apparently life threateningly “offensive” and warrants a headline on News at Ten or it is really of World shattering importance to know that some wildly overpaid footballer has just retired.

The continuing evil conspiracy of silence just proves that the establishment is still covering up for the perverts. The number of those involved must be vast for if it were only a few someone would have broken ranks by now if only for the possibility of riches.



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