Of course ‘Green Energy’ costs more. If it cost less the free market forces would embrace it.

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 So much for Milband wanting to freeze energy prices. It is not the energy companies that are responsible for the high energy prices but the politicians

The arithmetic is very simple. Typical current energy bill £1200 per year. 40% of that is down to green energy. Typical energy bill minus the 40% Green costs £720 per year

 The climate has been changing every day since the dawn of time. This is a fluid planet and it is constantly evolving. This leftist assault on the people is nothing more than a new age excuse to try and increase our taxesgo green

Adding intermittent wind energy to an otherwise stable grid is only ever going to result in higher costs and reduced reliability. Proper engineers have been warning about the hazards of connecting renewables to the grid for years.

Unfortunately, the arts educated, dogma blinded, climate zealots like Milliband, Davey et al either could not or would not acknowledge this fact. The chickens will come home to roost soon. Scotland has already experienced a number of mysterious power cuts. Davey is toast anyway as the LibDems will effectively cease to exist after next year’s election.

The nightmare scenario is Red/Green Ed being elected. He drafted the Climate Change Act with a lot of help from a Greenpeace activist, the wholly untalented Bryony Worthington. 

There is an exact analogy between North Korea, an aggressive Fascist Dictatorship demanding the end of free speech in other countries otherwise there will be mass terror, and the Eco-fascists like GreenPeace, FoE, WWF and Davey.

They too are imposing their diktat as to the truth with threats of mass terrorism, actually being carried out by Davey and Department of Energy and Climate Change on behalf of the crony capitalists in the Committee for Climate Change, which I shall now rename the Carbon Politburo.

It’s almost too late to save ourselves from the new political and real darkness descending over Europe, Jean-Claude Juncker playing the Prince of Darkness.

So, the stupid policies of this government have so distorted the market that they are now having to subsidise power generators that, until now, have been able to operate quite economically and efficiently without subsidies and are now going to make energy two ro three times as expensive as it need be – not with taxes, which would at least accrue revenue to the pubic purse, but with an inefficient and wasteful subsidy regime that drains money from the public purse while increasing costs in every area of the productive and consumptive economy.

Of course ‘Green Energy’ costs more. If it cost less the free market forces would embrace it.

Liberals talk loosely about ‘investment’ but they never mean risking their own money. They only want to risk public tax money and act surprised when those investments always fail.green ideology

The true agenda for many so-called environmentalists is poverty. They are attracted to the idea that their neighbors would be picturesquely poor. Personally they want all the benefits of modern riches but those benefits are so much sweeter when all around them are poor.

Surely we must start from the position that man-made climate change is a lefty-liberal hoax to hike taxes. Once you get that, everything else is simply dealt with by doing nothing.

The liberals are the worst at predicting the future. The costs don’t matter to liberals. They believe that there is an endless supply of money.



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