If I imagined an existence in a police state akin to the DDR, life in Britain nowadays fills in the gaps.

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The harsh reality that is living life in Britain of today, earning a crust maybe trying to raise a family – concentrating on all of that means people’s minds are focused on the minutiae of running their day to day lives and that is just where they want you.

Any leisure time is fleeting and used for immediate release, entertainment is thin and not much satisfying and if anyone wishes to learn something, it is a problem of just where to turn, if I imagined an existence in a police state akin to the DDR, life in Britain nowadays fills in the gaps.

In present day Britain, from the dathought police2y of your birth, the nanny state invades your life and melds it and fashions you to bend you to the State’s will. The propaganda starts early now, actually in pre school [where do these mad ideas come from?] and right up to and including tertiary academia, the media is censored and straitjacketed, you cannot learn the truth wherever you look and that’s just the way the state likes it.

Increasingly the web becomes ever more limiting and limited – all done under the veil of ‘state security’. Aye, the reason why we need ‘security’ in Britain? It is because the state is the threat; either through open door mass immigration and the flotsam of pernicious creeds or, the police state. Police state, where the police, what used to be a civilian force do not protect the public but are an arm of and defenders of ‘THE STATE’ against the likes of you and me.

Freedom, personal freedom’s have been slowly eroded but what a paradox it is when an ECHR ruling means petty thieves and minor politicians, fraudsters, rapists, criminals big and small can have their reports and detail historically recorded and witness to their crimes, simply on request be removed from the web. A pretty pass? Just what sort of country is that – Westminster allows it to happen – if ever there was an egregious example of just how much power has been lost to Brussels and by extension the ECHR – that is it.
As we know, criminals can come and go as they please – the ECHR sees to it, it gives Bulgarians and Romanians rights to come here and do as they see fit – ref the Roma, and ordinary Britons can go swing.
We don’t control our borders, Juncker knows it and he jibes at Cameron because he knows that, Dave is a powerless EU patsy but willingly doing the work of the EU.

What with EUrope falling down an economic and financial black hole of it’s own fashioning [single currency] and still the clowns in Westminster and outside of it in the likes of; Bliar, Mandelscum, Miliband the popinjay envoy of Obamaland – all tell us, “they want Britain in the EU!” And the Nawabs of the Gulf states treat London like their own satrapy – our land is not ours and we are told what to do by……. a 60 year old non entity whose hand is in the till and for crying out loud! Nary a one but no one ever cast a legitimate vote for Juncker.

Can it get any worse?

Other than Miliband winning outright in May….um a win for Red Ed would be destructive for Dave’s red-lite social democrats, it may defy logic but to shock Britain out of its politically induced torpor – perhaps the necessary medicine is vomit itself – and violent expurgation. A win for Milband’s Marxists would begin that process starting with national bankruptcy and the IMF calling [± two years] down the line.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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