Europe has found a new scapegoat in Greece.

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Greece is gone, too late to be save !!!!! Who’s next – may be Spain, Portugal, Italy or for that matter France.

 Europe has found a new scapegoat in Greece and has launched an unprecedented racist campaign to convince the world that it’s a tiny economy that is to blame for the problems of the Eurozone.

Greek exit is an old remedy to cajole the Greek people to swallow failed neocolonial policies and support the ruling coalition parties that have lost the support of the electorate. In a country that lacks a culture of political coalitions and compromise the country is heading for an unprecedented crisis. bnp_eussr

One can only hope that the Greeks are sensible enough – and that the ballot boxes aren’t stuffed – to elect a government with the guts to put their country first and to detach itself from the blood sucking EU vampire.

Didn’t Antonis Samaras say in September last year that “Debt levels will be manageable, Greece has respected its commitments..”

So, despite all the bailouts, and after the second EU “Economic Adjustment Programme” for Greece in November, 2012, which involved the extension of the maturities of the bilateral and EFSF loans by 15 years and a deferral of interest payments of Greece on EFSF loans by 10 years, it looks like they will need MORE!

Also, and let’s be absolutely clear here, there is a good chance that any further bailout may well involve the UK taxpayer, as part of our EU budget may well be used!

Please remember to only apply for a Eurozone Payday Loan if you know you can’t afford to repay the amount borrowed.

Greece is now the perfect example of the neoliberal policies espoused by Europe don’t work.

The troica ( EU and IMF technocrats) have applied all the antics from the policies that were applied to Africa and Latin America and have fuelled the worse economic crisis in the Eurozene.



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