The euro died years ago. The problem is Brussels won’t acknowledge its failure;

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The EU will implode as sure as night follows day, a lot of EU countries are in a perilous state and the best thing for Britain will be on the outside looking in when this starts to happen.

The EU was put together by ex-communist bloc elites and is still to this day run to enrich the elites at the expense of the people they claim to represent. Their policies are not only not founded in economics but run counter to every lesson of economics and the elites are casually blind to the effects of those policies on the people of Europe.rp_broken_euro_fit-300x151.jpg

The euro died years ago. The problem is Brussels won’t acknowledge its failure; that’s why so far 800 billion has been spent propping it up, throwing millions out of work and destroying businesses across Europe. Of course, the EU bureaucrats don’t care about the misery their vanity causes.


The EU, and its problem child the Euro are nothing more than socialism in thinly veiled disguise. Wealth redistribution is the name of the game for now, closely followed by erosion of individual liberties, nationhood, and a plethora of laws designed to ensure the citizen – note it is always the citizen, not the person – falls into line with what is perceived to be what is best for them.

Socialism is of course is an abject failure – proved many many times to be the case over the decades – and the inevitable consequences of the rest of the EU’s objectives are simply too awful to contemplate.

This much is perfectly obvious to anyone who can see beyond the end of their nose, and such is the obvious nature of the conclusion, that the only reason we remain members of this warped club is because our present government desires it.

The need to remove Cameron and Co from power is thus imperative if the UK is to stand any chance of remaining a free and reasonably democratic country.

As the EU flails about in its death throes, they are trying the old “scorched earth” policy of former European dictators, trying to slow down their inevitable collapse, only it`s the people that are being scorched this time not the earth, and the euro is doing the scorching.

It can only end in tears, the sad thing is it was all preventable, but the political fantasies of the EU`s elite are heading for economic reality, and that means the end of their fantasies.



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