The BBC is simply the biggest menace to peace, prosperity and fairness in the UK and abroad

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The licence fee has to go. The BBC has forgotten what impartiality means and can now never be unbiased, so why should those of us who are not lefty liberals pay for their propaganda machine?

The track record of the BBC is so bad it amounts to a national menace.

In the 1930s the BBC promoted appeasement and banned Churchill from its monopoly radio channels because they decided to censor his warnings about the threat posed by Hitler. The BBC particularly opposed re-armament. An appalling misjudgment.

The Left can turn anything into an offence

The Left can turn anything into an offence

Then the BBC supported Socialism and Nationalization after WWII setting back the post war recovery. Since then the BBC has relentlessly promoted immigration, portraying the fears of the white working class as ridiculous racist nonsense (Alf Garnet etc) .

The BBC backed Wilson in the 1960s who destroyed the industrial base of the UK with his forced mergers of the aircraft, car, electrical, computer and other industries.

They promoted the EEC.The BBC demonized Margret Thatcher promoted the ERM fiasco and of course the BBC called for the UK to adopt the EURO.

The BBC routinely libels the rich as greedy and unworthy to create a hated minority and then promotes Labour as the Party to punish the rich with ever heavier taxation and other miseries. A policy straight from Dr Joseph Goebbels who vilified the Jews and gained power with disastrous results. They and Miliband should be deeply ashamed.

It is the guaranteed income provided by the Licence Fee lets the BBC indulge its hard left fantasies and over pay its bloated and fully unionized nepotistically appointed staff while openly despising the stupid mugs that pay for it.

The BBC is economically and politically illiterate. In their unionized state funded luxury they completely fail to understand that the USSR failed. That the Berlin wall was built with a shoot to kill policy to detain East Germans against their will because after only a dozen years the Communist East Germans simply could not offer the standard of living available in West Germany.

I don’t like ads either. Buy a hard disk video recorder and skip the ads. Do not pay the BBC a penny – they use your money to sabotage the UK and get rich doing it.

The BBC is simply the biggest menace to peace, prosperity and fairness in the UK and abroad. They corrupt education, public debate, investment and every aspect of public debate, investment and every aspect of public policy.

A bunch of ignorant, prejudiced, self anointed saboteurs with the same privileged background, motivation, ignorance, delusions and self hatred of the Cambridge five.

The sooner the BBC is destroyed, the sooner the UK can rebuild its position as one of the leading Nations in the World.



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