Who voted for a shanty town in Hendon? Blame the smug, self-regarding Leftist bigots who have done all they can to shut down honest debate about migration

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As reported in the Daily Mail

Source Daily Mail

Only last week, no less an authority than the  Speaker of the House of Commons was telling the Romanians that they will be  welcomed with open arms, since they have a far superior work ethic to the  bone-idle British.

We agree with this

If you are a Pole or a Roumanian Gypsy you can waltz in to the UK with no problem at all and pick up benefits you have never paid Tax for and use the NHS which you have never contributed to. If however you are a UK Citizen with a Foreign wife you have to PROVE you have enough income to support her. Anyone else see a huge disconnect here


The UK as we used to know it is lost thanks to incompetent governments that have been hell bent on wrecking the country just to get a voting base to stay in power for as long as they can.  What was once a beacon of democracy and law has gone down the toilet thanks to money grubbing politicians that when it finally hits the fan with rioting in the streets will simply pack there bags and move to another country and wash there hands of the mess they created.

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