The US is balkanised, the UK is becoming balkanised, every scrap of evidence available for the past 200 years shows that.

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If Darren Wilson was a black Police Officer and Mike Brown a white man none of the black rioters would give a stuff about the shooting.

The black rioters are the racists.

When do you see mass demonstrations or riots protesting all the black on black shootings and stabbings that kill vastly more blacks than the police ever do?

The US is balkanised, the UK is becoming balkanised, every scrap of evidence available for the past 200 years shows that.

Our children and grand children will curse us for what we have done and what we have failed to do.

The problem is that America is a nation of many different races.derguson2

Japan doesn’t have racial problems because Japan is Japanese and north east Asian.

The USA had 200 years years to get it right, 150 since the Civil War that was meant to end all the friction and still they have hatred – and there are mainly just two sides involved.

Meanwhile we have politicians who have created a multi-racial, multi-cultural mixture in a far more densely populated country in under 70 years and still insist that we can all live happily together even though the most recent generation is more militant than the original immigrants. A rude awakening awaits.

Britain never had racial problems before we allowed so-called “new commonwealth” immigrants from the third world to settle here. They brought with them different cultural attitudes and a big racial chip on their shoulder. They make themselves the minority and yet blame the ethnic British for being a minority.
Immigration and a racially diverse society does not work, and never has. When will people realise that?

While do-gooding liberals in the media and politics allow ethnic groups to play ‘the victim’ nothing will ever improve. Next you’ll be suggesting that Rotherham was the fault of the car dealers who sold the Muslims the taxis.

This is the inevitable result of Leftwing politics and it will happen in Britain – as it already does to an extent – inevitably. Leftist politics are all about the politics of hate and division. They sow conflict and division, be it class or race, to promote themselves as the solution to the conflict they purposely created. It’s the rest of us decent people who pay the price and are the victims of leftwing politics and politicians.



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