A tweet that gets you a 4 month jail sentance.

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As reported in the Daily Mail

We agree with this

Yet the police don’t arrest the radicals who call for British police and  Soldiers to burn in hell?


I do not believe this man needs a prison sentence. He has made a total clown of  himself and lost his character, but does not deserve prison in any way. Muslim  fundamentalists and their left-wing secular friends say far worse things than  this standing outside the Israeli embassy among many other venues and seem to  get off with it.


There is no dispute that this man should not have been arrested, but why on  earth does Choudary spout constant hatred, brainwash people into committing  atrocities and then the police and government protect him?


For people wondering why this guy got arrested instead of the hate preachers,  it’s because he was an easy target


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