The media cannot stop lying about immigration.

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A.s reported in the Daily Telegraph

If immigration was a benefit to the economy we should be the richest country in the world,

We have had mass immigration and now we have mass bankruptcy.

The media cannot stop lying about immigration

We agree with this

Can we stop calling what has gone on “immigration”. It is not. It is colonisation/racial displacement. The indigenous population has been cleansed from huge swathes of the country. And this has happened under both Labour and Tories.


Dear God, this man is paid to write this nonsense!  Most of the immigrants who come to this country are employed in low paid jobs.  Once they have established themselves, they are entitled to a raft of benefits, including housing benefit, which may be in the region of £600 – £800 pounds a month – add to that council tax benefit and access to the NHS and schooling for their children, and it is impossible to claim that there is a net benefit to the country.

Those are the financial implications – the cultural genocide that is taking place cannot be calculated.

The only people who benefit from immigration in the numbers we have experienced are the employers, who stand to save costs in terms of the wages they pay and increase their profits – which of course, are not taxed as the companies will be up to their CEO eyeballs in ‘tax avoidance’.

Just how does Britain benefit?


The media love to talk about the economy all the time, as if that is a measure of our happiness or quality of life. So being shackled to the totqalitarian EU is all about helping our economy; mass unsustainable immigration is all about boosting our economy.

Why are our hospitals overstretched and not fit for purpose? Why are our primary schools desperately short of places? Why are our roads congested and polluted? Why do we need hundreds of thousands more houses and buildings? All these things do not lead to a better quality of life – they make our lives harder.

But we can all comfort ourselves with the thought that our increasingly state controlled and overcrowded lives is worth it to improve our economy.



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