The betrayal of the British working class

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As reported in the Daily Mail

We agree with this

Hardly surprising when we have seen our education standards consistently eroded  over the years. However, whilst we have unemployment of our own, we ought shut  off all immigration


And the majority of them subsidised by the EU. If that wasn’t enough the  Equality Act 2010 states that migrants should be given priority over the workers  when seeking employment. WHO IS THE RACIST? The white man or the EU and British  government for abusing it’s own people in favour of the foreign migrant


The real reason why this has happened is because companies are going straight to  these countries and recruiting, they are not advertising the jobs in the UK,  they go straight to Poland, Bulgaria etc. So no wonder the British are not  getting the jobs.  Another reason is because these people are prepared to work  for less, so wages are being reduced. We are going to be a Low Wage economy and  will soon be a third workd country, if we are not already.  It is such a shame  that these so called politicians believe this to be right and where are the so  called Unions fighting for the British Worker, very quiet, very quiet.

The British working class have been done up like a kipper by New Labour. The  money these immigrants can earn here will buy them houses back home in a few  years. Brits have to spend 25 years or more paying off a mortgage in this  country. It’s not fair, it’s not a level playing field, and the people that  brought this in can afford to live anywhere in the world, while the rest of us  just have to make do with the cesspit the UK is becoming





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