Subservience to foreign court is totally unacceptable.

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The European arrest warrant is just one more step down a slippery slope whose ultimate aim is a centralised European Justice System which will over rule any individual countries courts as they please, it is all part of the plan for greater control over member states.

it gives foreign countries the power of life and death over British citizens. Imagine how convenient it would be for suspects to meet with an ‘accident’ in a Bulgarian jail, into which they’d been thrown indefinitely without either evidence or trial …European Arrest Warrant3

It is yet another transfer of our Sovereignty to EU institutions – without a mandate.

Because it is making the EU’s Corpus Juris superior to the British system of Common Law and Habeas Corpus.

Because it assumes that the judicial systems, prisons and police services of every member country are equal when they quite patently aren’t.

Because it means that British citizens will be hauled off to face charges in foreign courts on the flimsiest of evidence – if there is any – and they may left to languish there for years whilst corrupt local officials concoct a case against them.
We do not need the EAW. Extradition Treaties have been in existence since the 13th century and have worked just fine.
This is an abuse of the rights of the British people: rights they have held since Magna Carta.
As far as I’m concerned Any MP who votes to destroy Magna Carta and Habeas Corpus is guilty of treason.

Simple answer is keep all those powers with the UK. Subservience to foreign court is totally unacceptable..



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