‘Diverse’ is the Left’s way of saying: ‘see how we sliced and diced you. See how we buried your native culture’


Up until about 1950 the vast majority of immigrants came to the UK not for economic reasons, but to seek a country and culture that would provide them refuge. A culture more aligned to their personal beliefs and concepts of freedom. These people were primed to sign up to “Britishness” and embrace assimilation.

Today, the vast majority of immigrants come to earn more money than they can at home. That’s all. There is no interest in our culture, or our values, in fact many despise us.

If anything we should be weeding out people who are only interested in the buck they can make.multiculturalism_thumb

The political class, social services, education unions, the police ‘service’, the health service, BBC, Channel 4, Sky News all completed the ‘long march’ throught the institutions long ago allied with lefty luvvies who have no cultural allegiance to anything or anyone. To point out discomfort with the country becoming a ‘foreign land’ in accelerated real time is to be labelled nasty and bigoted and, if you belong to any of the above, it is career death.

‘Diverse’ is the Left’s way of saying: ‘see how we sliced and diced you. See how we buried your native culture’. It’s war on one’s own country.

Dispossession through mass immigration (Rotherham,Rochdale …) has ruined the lives of millions.

All these sacrifices on the altar of white-guilt and multiculturalism result of liberal anti-national cultural marxism.

This kind of racial replacement and displacement would be called ethnic cleansing in any other Non-Western country. Imagine the headlines if other native peoples were a minority in their own cities?? If Islamabad was suddenly full of white Christians in a generation, or if Baghdad was full of black muslims from Africa in thirty years, not arab muslims. It would be a terrible thing, a global crisis, and aid would be sent and bombs dropped!!

But our own press and media think this is a good thing for their own Britain. They are mad..



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