The Labour party couldn’t care less about Britain and the British people.

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The games up Ed, the British public have woke up.

At least two Labour MPs have told the Chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party that he must stand down.

The Labour party doesn’t defenestrate its leaders no matter how bad they are and for it to do so just 6 months before an election would be unprecedented.

Labour have such a long and divisive system of electing a new leader, that there is no way they will get rid of Miliband.

He’s never done a day’s work in his life. Alan Johnson wouldn’t be any good – too weak. New Labour is politically correct to the core. They despise the very people they are supposed to represent – working class British people who work hard and don’t have inherited wealth or capital to fall back on.milliband2

Perhaps it is the case that any political party that came into being as the champion of a section of society must inevitably die, once it is seen to represent that faction no more. When it makes the conscious decision to cut itself adrift from its traditional core support, this becomes doubly likely. Bliar made such a conscious decision, but his ‘new’ party enjoyed power for 13 years, largely because of the fickle electorate’s boredom with the Conservatives and Bliar’s own manifestly successful mountebankery.

Once the dour, one-eyed Scottish loon took over, the writing was on the wall for ‘New Labour’. Having jetissoned its traditional working-class support, where could it go, beyond the new constituency it had so rashly, and so unwisely imported? So with Cameron and his ‘Conservative’ party. Having ‘detoxified the brand’ (again, code for jettisoned its core support) it had cast itself adrift from any natural constituency.

Milliband is unelectable. No charisma, no charm and no ideas. He has as much chance of being elected Primie Minsiter as I have of being crowned Miss World.



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