No shame, no morality, no substance, these charlatans in academia believe they are bringing about a new utopia


Some bent pro EU academics make up a report confirming their ideological prejudice?

Its the new post normal science that Trofim Lysenko would have heartily approved of, you decide what result you want based on your political ideology and then make up a report by torturing data to death.

The figures are years out of date, anyone with half a brain can see its junk and not worth anything more than a generous ‘kickback’ style thank you in the form of more funding.

The UK has been betrayed by it's marxist teachers.

No shame, no morality, no substance, these charlatans in academia believe they are bringing about a new utopia and all they have to do is lie and cheat and deceive, all in a good cause of course.

 The full report it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors .

There are a number of tricks used to claim EU migration is as net benefit. The report choose to apportion UK defence costs only across UK citizens and not Migrants. UK defence costs are about £57B a year. That alone takes the EU migrants into a net cost to the UK.

Other issues are infrastructure costs. At the time of arrival in the UK they will have paid No UK taxes to fund new schools & hospitals for them is to borrow money which costs and it also increases our deficit.

Other costs lefts out of the report are Translation costs put at £170 Million  a year by the government

The report incorrectly claims education costs are the same for migrants and non migrants. This is not true for Non English speaking migrants. An estimate is that it costs up to £30,000 per pupil that does not speak English compared to £5000 for English speakers, A recent report by the Chief inspector of Schools stated schools are still struggling to cope with migrants and even more resources are needed.

If we take the NHS in addition to the translation and infrastructure additional costs we also have a significant efficiency loss. An example of this is a GP consultation. These are typically 10 minutes but when using a translator the time is typically doubled to 20 minutes.

The report on the tax take from migrants made no allowance for the fact that many migrants send considerable sums back home. Whilst this does not impact direct taxes such as income tax it does impact indirect taxes such as VAT as less is spent in the UK. This in turn has a know o impact on shops etcrp_Content_60_LeavingLabour_NoLabourLarge-300x187.jpg

No mention of the number of indigenous Brits who have become unemployed by this onslaught of immigrant labour.

No mention of the amount benefits these new Brit unemployed have to claim in order to survive..

No mention of the cost of the thousands of “Asylum seekers/refugees” (Exact number a state secret) who have been encouraged to settle here.

No mention of the extra burden and cost to the public services by these people who have never paid a penny into it.

The conclusion that EU migrants are a net benefit to the UK is therefore incorrect and even the report shows this if you look at the years 2011 to 2014

One of the authors was Professor Christian Dustmann who was the lead researcher on the 2003 Home Office paper that predicted Eastern European immigration would be no more than 13000 a year.

As the actual figure was 200000 on average a year I would suggest that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. I also believe the EU helped finance the damn thing, so no vested interest there then.

Thus the report is rubbish useful only for lighting the fire.



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