It is foolish to expect anything to change until we vote out the whole lot of them.

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All three main parties are the same. The only difference is the Tories are destroying this country slower than the rest.

 In recent years Labour, Conservative and even LibDems have pretty much ignored what they put in their manifestos and what they promised verbally to do after being elected, people are faced with buying a pig in a poke at election time.

None of Our Leaders Have Convinced Us they want to Win the Election – and that is because they have already developed a cosy little deal with Brussels, who are running our country.uk

Since 2010 the public in general have increasingly woken up to the fact that the Lib/Lab/Con are simply just three slightly different faces of the old establishment who have all collectively lied. spun, and deceived us for over 40 years to further their own agendas. critically regarding the EU and all the resulting disasters. (eg. Mass immigration has decimated the working class/traditional Labour voters).

 They sound a bit different but they all increase inefficiency, boost Big State, and they all attack ordinary working class or middle class people.

They attack and undermine our country, its values, its laws, its heritage and historic faith, and its infrastructure as our tiny country struggles to cope with the influx of foreigners, some of whom clearly hate us.

Day by day our Britishness, Englishness, Welshness, Scottishness or Irishness is denigrated and run down, always in favour of everyone except the normal tax paying man or woman.

Good productive firms are held back by far too much EU paperwork.

We see these so called “leaders” humiliated in european forums, courts and the jokey, pretendy “parliament”, in which we have almost no say.

They have failed us badly.

 It is foolish to expect anything to change until we vote out the whole lot of them.



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