Sales of Orwell’s 1984 rocket……… This was to be a warning from history. Our political elite has used it as a template

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As reported in the Daily Telegraph

We agree with this


* One-party state: LibLabCon: Check. * Undemocratic, authoritarian, supranational government: The EU: Check. * Big Brother and the total surveillance of society: Check. * Newspeak: Political correctness, party dogma: Check. * Civil liberties repealed: Check. * Children indoctrinated with party dogma: Check. * Children reporting parents to the authorities for speech contrary to Party dogma: Check. * Children snatched from parents because those parents hold unapproved political views or vote the wrong way: Check. * Arbitrary arrest and/or imprisonment without trial of those who express opinions contrary to Party dogma, followed by re-education: Nick Griffin, Emma West: Check. * 2 Minutes Hate: Nigel Farage, Tommy Robinson, Nick Griffin, David Starkey: Check. * Historical Revisionism: Check. * Media owned and staffed by the Establishment (Inner Party) and used as outlets of party propaganda: Check. * Censorship of free speech and a free press of politically embarrassing facts: Check. * Show trials of people who challenge Party orthodoxy: Check. * Poverty, squalor and misery of the Proles goes unreported or covered-up: Check. * Third-rate products and services from oligopolies with close ties to government: Check * Declining standard of living: Check * Appalling or near non-existent public services, except those in areas where Inner Party members live: Check. * Health care and medicines severely rationed or near non-existent for most people in the country (excluding the Inner Party): Check. * De-criminalisation of serious criminal offences, replaced with the criminalisation of free speech, and the creation of political crimes: Check.

I’ve read 1984, but it isn’t necessary to read it to find out what George Orwell was warning us about. We simply have to look at Britain today. We already live in Orwell’s nightmare world. We’ve got no-one to blame but ourselves. We let them get away with it.


The Orwellian nightmare is upon us, not just 1984, but echoes of Animal Farm too, and yes, Huxley’s Brave New World is also relevant. ┬áThe irony is that this story is up in the mainstream media when so many jobbing journalists are doing cut and paste churnalism a la Winston Smith. and so many of the Editors might as well be called O’Brien….


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