Immigration is now the ebola of politics. It is a virus, out of control that kills culture, loyalty, reason, economies, common sense .

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The debate, despite the best efforts of the LibLabCon, has been had and won.

Despising mass uncontrolled pillage of your country is not racist. Banning the act of speaking about it is.

There are no “fascist bigots” in the UK. Only people disgusted by the hatred of all things white and British shown by the ruling elite and the main stream media.

This unchecked immigration is deliberate – official policy and designed to destroy the UK. There is no other logical reason. Destroy the UK > Integrate it into the European Experiment.

_immigration_2201250bThe working Class are being ethnically cleansed and all people can do is shout racist / fascist /bigot… those words no longer work. The people are rightly angry.

Erase the word “immigration” from the public stage and call it what it really is: invasion.

Call those who facilitate and condone this invasion what they are: genocidal racists.

And call those who refuse to consider any alternative and who pretend that freethinkers are evil what they are: prejudiced bigots.

Left has always wanted to shut down any debate on what it considers to be axiomatic propositions: race is evil, wealth is evil, privilege is evil, capitalism is evil, thinking white culture is better than ethnic culture is evil, believing in Christianity as being the true religion is evil.

The left follows a different drummer from the rest of us. They want a monoculture of obedient peasants ruled over by a bureaucracy of leftist intellectuals steeped in the doctrines and creed of Marxist-Leninism..

The only thing that has changed is that they now control most of the countries of Western Europe and are therefore in a position to impose their will on the people via the EU. Very likely you and I will be rounded up and sent to work-camps if we don’t close our mouths and stop criticising them. For in truth the Left hates heretics even more than did the Spanish Inquisition of the 16th Century.

The extremists are the ones instigating mass immigration. They are the extremists who are changing this country which has existed for many centuries into something that serves their personal profit and interests. Those who complain are the normal people, the left are the extremists.

Just what benefits has uncontrolled mass immigration brought to the indigenous people of Britain?IMMIGRATION PROTESTS

The downside is, however, all too obvious to most people. We’ve had riots, bombings, gang rapes on a massive scale, large areas of our cities turned into no-go zones, benefit scroungers, the virtual collapse of education and health services, housing demand and costs going through the roof, halal food forced on unsuspecting consumers, and incessant demands for privileged treatment from vociferous minorities.

The worst issues are with the idiotic doctrine of multiculturalism, which is in effect nothing more than a free licence to commit criminal activities without sanction. We have seen such crimes as polygamy, genital mutilation, murder, and more recently mass rape and paedophilia, all going unpunished because they were being committed by ethnic minorities and the authorities were too spineless to actually do their job.

Immigration has been foisted on the unwilling public by successive governments, and we have been lied to about the EU and it’s purpose for years.

Immigration is now the ebola of politics. It is a virus, out of control that kills culture, loyalty, reason, economies, common sense and ultimately our democracy.



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2 Responses to Immigration is now the ebola of politics. It is a virus, out of control that kills culture, loyalty, reason, economies, common sense .

  1. passerbypieton Reply

    October 31, 2014 at 11:14 am

    Remember Bexleyheath bus driver case?


    Well here’s his ex-employer: notice they have airbrushed the white man out of their “inclusive” staff roster photo???

    Cherchez le Femen stalking the halls of Human Resources at G-Ahead London or at Newcastle head office!



    Coudenhove Kalergi. That’s what Europe’s about.

    • StormCommando Reply

      May 2, 2016 at 5:18 pm

      I had never come across that case before, what a disgrace. This country is going mad. Natural order has to be restored.

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