MPs to vote for an In/Out referendum on 5 July

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As reported in the Daily Telegraph


We agree with this

Getting a leader who is trustworthy and who isn’t transparently biased on the topic (in favour of EU membership) is what is necessary. Without that, the referendum bill is just so much verbiage.

It’s simply too late for Cameron, don’t you see that?

If Cameron is in charge (in the miraculous event of the Conservatives not losing the 2015 election anyway) he will make damned sure that any referendum he is forced to call will fail, using every trick in the book, with the enthusiastic cooperation of the pro-EU Labour and LibDem parties.


Just had a look at the campaign website… I note this.. ”We need a fresh settlement that is better for Britain – based on fairness, flexibility and competitiveness.”

That is what has been promised…renegotiation, which we know is impossible.

That’s Dave’s get out card.


Tory HQ bypasses the constituency associations and local conservatives and parachutes it’s own EU friendly shills into parliamentary seats.

“As recently as September, my friend Nigel Farage was saying that he would support another party if its commitment to a membership referendum were ‘written in blood’. Well, the Conservatives have adopted the policy, moved the Bill, backed it on a Three-line Whip and established a mass campaign to convince other MPs. Short of literally writing in blood, what else can they do?”

There will NEVER be a referendum on the EU within the existing political system unless they are absolutely 110% sure the hoi pollio will vote to stay in.

That’s looking increasingly unlikely isn’t it?


The Tory party has committed suicide under Cameron’s leadership, end of.


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